How Does He Do It?

 Seldar has a unique ability to translate body language to the mind.
During the healing process, he guides you to see your reflection by connecting your beliefs, personality and behavior to the pain you experience on an emotional and physical level.

Seldar acts as a conduit, bringing peace to the communities of cells in one’s body. As cells, these communities are literally speaking up and demanding our mind’s attention. Once this mind-body connection is made, our perspective on life changes; enabling us to adapt to our life’s circumstances differently than before. We shift, and the healing process begins.

Seldar makes it clear that pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who we really are. We must become conscious that our thoughts and behavior are directly connected to our health and happiness. When we take our life struggles and relationships personally, we feel triggered, resulting in emotional and physical pain. He sees the magnificence in each human being. He invites us to look within, understand our beauty, and become aware of our outside world as a reflection of what is inside.

Though DNA carries the genetic blueprint in all life forms, it is the RNA that translates all DNA information into regenerating cells. Seldar's healing process is able to optimize this RNA translation in order to begin the healing process, therefore creating balance, increased life force frequency and happiness.