Seldar is definitely a great healer.I arrived tense, exhausted and with my usual physical pain and tension/holding going on. I left relaxed, feeling lighter,

almost no pain at all, and was so energized ( though in a relaxed way ). I didn't go right to bed as planned and woke up earlier than planned the next morning.

He named all of my ego-oriented issues one by one, accurately, and then we had a good laugh about them followed by a healing that felt like all the contraction

in the body because of ego-issues melted away. It was extraordinary. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Is he "From the cosmos" or not? Who knows? But he is a great healer......anyone can experience....

Love & Blessings,




 Having a doctoral degree in molecular and cellular physiology I can truly appreciate the magnificent complexity of human body. The scientific community just beginning to identify some of the signaling mechanisms and pathways that are involved in regulating gene expressions, changes in protein level expressions as well as the regulation of signaling molecules.

In order to function with such precision, a mammalian cell maintains itself in a state of homeostasis or a precise balance. The state of homeostasis is maintained through a series of positive and negative feedback mechanisms driven by energetically favorable enzymatic reactions. Individual cell has a unique ability to heal itself through complex defense mechanisms however there is a threshold beyond which the cell is no longer able to recover and the process leads to an onset of a particular disease which ultimately leads to organ failure and death.

My scientific background and ongoing research in the field of molecular and cellular physiology enabled me to realize that Seldar Atamov has a unique ability to visualize the energetic disbalance and faciliate the healing at the cellular levels. He possesses an incredible ability to visualize and affect the signaling mechanisms which regulate cellular processes.

Yevgeniya E. Koshman, Ph.D  


Wonderful and bigger than life results delivered by Seldar were experienced by me and my family.  He worked with us via distant sessions. His help exceeded all our expectations. Thank you so much.

Chris A. Miami FL  


 Dearest Seldar,
You taught me countless, valuable lessons during a time when I was seeking clarity. I want to share with you just a few...
I believe it is important to enjoy each and every day of Life.
I believe that there are no coincidences and how I react to them is my decision.
I believe it is important to listen to my Inner Voice.
I believe in myself and Universe.
I believe in Love and Happy endings.
I am so very grateful our paths were crossed.
Thank you for believing. 

K.J. Chicago, IL



I want to share a miracle story that happened in my family.

My husband's brother lives over seas. During construction, he fell from the building. He was in the hospital in intensive care for a couple of weeks with no consciousness, broken bones, and with other physical problems. He was in a coma. The doctors restricted his visitors.

My husband was upset that no one could help his brother and he's just 45 years old. Then I decided to call Seldar. Without any hesitations, Seldar asked me a couple of questions over the phone and through my body he reached my brother-in-law. In a couple of days we got good news from overseas that my brother-in-law came out of his coma.

He asked doctors to release him from the hospital so he could reunite with his family. Everyone was so excited about this miracle, but only me and my husband knew who did this miracle. It was Seldar. His unconditional love for other people proves that we have gone from death to life.

Seldar has a big desire to serve others. He wants to help to open the door for everyone to the new world that's called World of God's Love, where there's no hate, no worries, no resentment, no fear, no revenge, no jealousy. From the bottom of my heart I want to say to Seldar thank you for so many miracles that he did for me and my family. Sincerely.

Rimma Nicolle



I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in July of 2010. My doctor’s prognoses were not very good for my complete recovery.  I underwent multiple chemo therapy treatments . In about a month after my treatments, a friend called my wife and me just to find out how we were doing.  After hearing about my illness, our friend started shouting "I know the person who helped me with my health problem after years of struggling, and I am 100% positive he can help your husband". His words sounded like God gave us some hope. Soon after, my wife called Seldar.  We were surprised that Seldar agreed to work with me and, his only request was just our belief in his healing. 

After two months of working with Seldar and two chemotherapies, my CT scan and PET scan surprised my doctors very much. One doctor said this was the best result he has ever seen during his years of practice. My recent tests on January 4th, 2011 showed that I am cancer free and, I don't need any more medical treatment.

I feel that me and my family very blessed by meeting Seldar at the right time. I do not have enough words of appreciation to express my gratitude to all you have done for us. Thank you Seldar and Aneta. We love you and will do everything possible of spreading my success story to other people in need.
Simon Kogos


 I have been working with Seldar for many months...When I first came to him an MRI had shown malignant cells in my lymph nod (underneath my armpit) which was linked to a cancer from five years ago.  This was quite a shock as I was feeling vibrantly healthy physically.   For many years I have been physically active and very health conscious.  Been returned to this place of disease challenged me on so many levels.  I felt wounded and betrayed.  Seldar has been a tremendous influence in guiding me through my healing journey.  He has helped me to trust life and to trust myself, to be in the flow of life, to be less resistant, and to understand the waste of fearful emotions and energy.  His healing gifts are simply miraculous.  Through two surgeries, a tooth extraction, and chemotherapy, I have been without pain, without weariness, and without nausea.....not sick, not tired, not beaten down.  Seldar has had an immersible impact on my physical and mental well being...He is tremendously generous, caring and giving.

Megan Miller


 Before i started to work with Seldar I was taking 450mg of Wellbutrin and 16mg Lexapro for depression (maximum doses of each), Adderall for Adult attention deficit disorder, and Klonopin for anxiety.  I now take NONE of these and this is just the beginning of the changes.
Mary Marth, Texas 


 I am 88 years old. In September 2006 I was diagnosed with tumor within a pancreatic head measuring 4x3x2 cm. Doctors advised surgery. By recommendation from the friends I contacted Seldar. I met a wonderful person, very friendly and honest. After several sessions with Seldar I had a CT scan done. The tumor had dissapeared completely. To this day it has not come back. I am very grateful to Seldar and wish him health and success in his noble work for many long years.

- Alexandra M., Chicago, IL 


 My husband and I came to Seldar after hearing wonderful things from so many people whom he helped. My stomach ulcer was completely cured and my husband's migraines
were decreased by probably ninety percent.Thank you for all your help.

Susan M.  Chicago, IL 



I called Seldar after I had suffered for eight months with a broken leg. I had slipped and fractured both my tibia and my fibula. I had surgery the same day to repair the leg, which entailed placing a plate and screws in my tibia. As each month went by, neither bone was showing any signs of healing. After six months a CT-Scan revealed that both bones were still broken with no bone growth. At this point my doctor gave me the option of either having a bone graft surgery to repair the non-union fracture or trying a bone stimulator. I chose the bone stimulator but after a month still did not have any bone growth. I was worried that I would have to have another surgery and I called Seldar. He saw me in his office the following week. When I went into his office I could not bear weight on my leg without pain, after my session, I was able to walk (with one crutch) without pain. I had a total of four sessions with Seldar before my next x-ray, which revealed that my fibula had begun to grow bone and bridge. I had a second CT-Scan which showed both the tibia and the fibula were healing. I am now in physical therapy and can walk short distances without my crutches.

Before seeing Seldar I was in constant pain and unable to focus on anything else. Since my sessions with him I have not been in pain day and night and can enjoy life again. I am now looking forward to going back to work and spending time with family and friends instead of recovering a second surgery.

Christine, Des Plaines, IL



Dear Seldar, thank you so much for your help with depression I suffered from for two years. Your sessions gave me new life. I am full of energy, hopes and happiness. You are doing much needed work in our world, helping people to find new direction in life in confusing and hard times.
Thanks a lot.

Katherine A., New York, NY 



Seldar helped my son to battle asthma. My son was sick for several years. Seldar worked with our family, and unbelievable, but my son is now cured ! This miraculous relief is something we prayed for for a long time.
From the bottom of our hearts WARMEST THANK YOU !!!!

Emily K.