By: Jackie Pilossoph
July 2014

Glenview Resident says at 73, she’s never felt better.

“I’ve never felt as good in my whole life as I do now,” the 73-year-old Glenview resident said, attributing much of that to Seldar Atamov and Antalee Wellness Center & Spa in Glenview.

“It’s almost impossible to explain Seldar because he doesn’t fit into any category you can come up with, but he’s life changing,” said Glenview Resident, whose two daughters are also clients of Atamov’s.

Atamov, who describes himself as a cellular DNA healer, said he has the ability to travel between his own body and the client’s to see a person’s cellular makeup and to connect the client’s beliefs and behavior to emotional and physical pain.

Acting as a conduit, Atamov said he brings peace to the communities of cells in the body, enabling the client to adapt to life’s circumstances differently, which he said enables healing.

“Pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who we are,” said Atamov, 49, who came to the United States 20 years ago from Russia. “Our behavior is directly connected to our health and happiness.”

“It was difficult to hear some of the things he said, but he was right,” said Glenview Resident, who explained she was originally on five medications and as a result of Atamov’s healing sessions, is down to one. “Based on what he sees, he knows your pre-dispositions and your genetic makeup and he shows you how your behavior is affecting your organs, and ultimately your health.”

Atamov said he began seeing images when he was 6 years old and was unaware other people didn’t. He became an intuitive healer with the goal of helping clients address core issues through cellular DNA healing rather than temporarily removing the symptoms of the disease.

“We are made out of communities of cells and when we have discomforts, which is the same as disease, it’s because the cells are literally speaking up and demanding our mind’s attention,” he said.

Aneta Arutcheva, who is the co-owner of Antalee Wellness Center & Spa, described Atamov as “a gifted healer,” and said he is a perfect fit to the business.

“The inspiration for the spa comes from my deep desire to help people find their true purpose in life,” said Arutcheva, who opened the spa nine years ago with her mother, Dr. Alla Arutcheva, who became a naturopathic physician five years ago.

Antalee Wellness Center & Spa offers spa services that include manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, body treatments, and hair waxing, threading and tinting.

The spa also provides acupuncture, as well as naturopathic care.

“All of our services involve using organic products and are customized,” said Aneta Arutcheva, who is a certified macrobiotic teacher and hypnotist. “This isn’t a factory type of business. Our staff spends the time to address our clients’ needs.”

Antalee also has a spa café that offers vegetarian dishes.

“The spa is designed to nurture and heal both body and soul,” said Arutcheva, who is also certified by the Mystical Sciences Institute in different healing modalities and feng shui.

“I have experienced a lot in my life,” Glenview Resident said. “I have never experienced anything or anyone like Seldar.”

Natural Awakenings Magazine
Learning to Decode Our Bodies and Find Happiness

An Interview with Seldar Atamov

June 2014 Issue

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Seldar Atamov is a recognized as a gifted cellular-level healer. As a child, he began to visualize images, and over time realized that what he was seeing was everything from the deepest subatomic level of a cell to the vastness of the universe. He says he has an ability to "travel" between his own body and another person's, seeing their genetic composotion. This allows him to understand what may have caused any imbalance on the physical/emotional level. As an intuitive healer, he interprets a person's beliefs, behavior and genetic predispositions to their mind. This process brings peace to the body and as a result of his work, cellular changes occur and healing and happiness follows.

How can we find happiness?

Happiness comes from within. In our busy lives, we don’t ask ourselves, “Am I happy, do I love myself?” We are preoccupied with family, jobs, finances, etc., and so we tend to live in a state of blaming “someone” for situations in our lives, or feeling angry, sad or lonely. But while we are unhappy, we want our children and the next generations to live happily. In reality, what they usually adopt from us is the way we feel and behave. This process is copied on the genetic level. And so it goes on from generation to generation, locked in a pattern.

If we feel that happiness comes from somewhere outside of ourselves; it will always remain outside of us, like a destination that cannot be reached. Staying in the present and enjoying what you do in that moment is the key to happiness. For example, when you cook, connect to the food, give love to the ingredients that you are using, and your meals will come out deliciously. Try not to preoccupy yourself with thoughts not related to that moment. But, if thoughts do come to the surface, listen to them, do not judge them, and find their benefits.

What role does the body play in that process?

All the situations that we create in our lives are a reflection of what is happening inside of ourselves and how we treat our bodies—improvement comes by not only eating natural foods, but also staying in a constant connection to yourself and not overusing or abusing your body with negative thoughts and emotions. And the only way to know that you are in the state of happiness or are present is to listen to your body’s symptoms.

Our human body is the greatest tool given to us by life, and I match each organ with a specific “personality”. As communities of cells, these organs have their own demands, which we may experience as pain, discomfort and disease. Cells are living beings inside of you, and they depend on you. I help people connect the thoughts, emotions and predispositions that lead to these demands being expressed through the body. Your responsibility is to bring happiness to these living beings.

How do you really learn to love yourself?

Happiness comes from respecting and loving all of yourself and by listening to your body’s needs. You will be loved by others only if you love yourself; the way you care for yourself inside will be reflected outside.

By loving yourself without judgment or blame, you consciously look at happiness as a process that happens moment-by-moment, step-by-step. You decode with new understanding how your behavior affects your life and how it is connected to your health and happiness. Your personality patterns will change and with this awareness, you naturally bring agreement between your body and your mind. This state of agreement allows happiness to bloom from the inside.

How do we achieve ultimate balance?

As you live in this state of happiness, your outside environment will match exactly to the just right condition formed inside your body. I believe life treats you like a mother who wants only the best for her children. We tend to live like a child who feels unhappy, sad and unloved. Children don’t have patience and want things right here and now, the way they want it, without understanding whether it will benefit them or not. Life is very intelligent—just trust it. It knows what is best for you; don’t go against it, or you will hurt yourself in the process.

Relax and be present in your life. Accept and recognize who you are. Work on keeping the positive and finding benefits in life, and then you will see great changes in your health and happiness.

Interview with Guy Spiro & Seldar Atamov
July 2010 issue

Guy Spiro: I usually like to start by having people tell their story.
Seldar A: When I came to life, nothing major happened.
GS: No bright star overhead, no three wise men from the East?  [laughter]
SA: No, none of that, just a normal regular birth. About five years ago, my wife got a book, The Energy of Your Hands, or something like that. The author was describing images that he sees, and based on that the Energy of Your Hands, or something like that, the energy work that he does. I said, "Who doesn't see those images?" But my wife said, "No, it's rare, you can't see the images." From that point on I started to pay attention. I have three kids. I tested it on them and it worked. It took seconds to relieve complications and difficulties they had.
GS: You came across this book, and your reaction was, "Who doesn't see this?" But you then found that almost nobody else does.
SA: That's how it happened. When I was in school, five-six years old, I used to play with the images. I even had the taste of them. I was zooming in and zooming out of all kinds of images. I was playing with them. But I couldn't discuss that with anyone at that age so I just lived with it through my life and never discussed it with anyone. I was sure that everyone saw the same way, that it was just part of life.
GS: People tend to think that everyone else's consciousness is like theirs. But nothing could be further from the truth, consciousness varies widely between individuals.
SA: Yes, that's the way that is. So that's how it started and it went from there. Five years have passed and now I have gone through my own experience developing my own unique way to recognize the images and connect them together. Kind of putting them together and making sense out of it. I was a home inspector when all this started. Later I realized the connection between being a home inspector and what I do currently. It is kind of the same. When I was a home inspector, the sellers of the houses would hide things. Only they knew what was going on in the house, and they would hide it. I had to find out what had been hidden in there without exposing the walls or moving the furniture. In helping people to heal, it is the same. I go with the same approach. I kind of have to get inside, without exposing too much to a person, while discovering what's inside the person, what bothers the person at the time.
GS: So you were the home inspector they didn't want, but now you're the healer that they do want.
SA: While I was doing home inspections, the sellers would not like me at first. But when I was done they would ask for my card because they wanted me to inspect their houses, too. They saw how I found their hidden places and problems and they knew that when they were going to buy a new house, someone would hide things from them the same way. Real estate agents didn't like me because would mess up deals, but owners, either way, both sides would love me.
GS: Can you describe how it is that you see what you see?
SA: When a person comes to me with complications, what I see is density, kind of like a fuzzy state. Dense areas are the areas that are having the issues and they are matched on the personality level. I also see the galaxies and universes, and all that which is outside, which also matches the personality level. I realized that what's inside is outside, and what's outside is inside, so I'm kind of putting it all together, finding the meaning. There are two different columns of images which I pay attention to. Based on how I pay attention to what caught my attention, the other side images can come and be matched. I do certain things in there which is specifically my own approach. I translate that to the person's mind and with that it develops, opens the mind, and they kind of recognize their Self. What I do on the molecular level, on an images level, and what I see when I do a session is how I live myself.
GS: Do you see these densities as energy blocks?
SA: They are not the energy blocks, I've gone very deep on this subject. It's not the energy. Energy is what moves the information back and forth. It is certain information, how a cell divides, based on how you adapt to environment. That information collects at certain levels and the energy is always there. We have a constant positive energy. Out of a one hundred percent positive energy, we, based on our emotions and feelings, can take a negative approach to life. We may waste fifty percent of it and then say that is the negative energy. In reality there is no negative energy, there is the waste of positive energy, which we call negative energy. It is positive energy all around, all the time.
GS: I like what you're saying, there is no negative energy, there's only energy and what we do with it. SA: That's exactly what it is. My approach is exactly that. Energy is there all the time, constantly. My part is to redirect your attention and preserve more of what is given. Then you have, instead of fifty percent, you will have sixty, seventy or eighty percent and then you gradually feel better. That's my mission, to kind of redirect your attention. It's not that important for you to understand the images I see. If I describe them to you, nothing is going to change just from that. But the meaning of it on a language level, I can kind of translate, however I can, and then the mind recognizes it, and can change. That makes it easier for me to reconstruct on a deep level.
GS: I've experienced your work personally, which is not always or even often the case with people that I interview, but it is true here. At a recent expo, I was on your table twice and I could very much feel the energy coming through you, I could feel heat coming off your hands. Is that that typical in your treatments?
SA: Yes, it is always the case, especially when you have complication in a certain area. There is where you feel the heat coming out of me. When I started to pay attention to who I am and what's going on in life and to understand what that is, I found that what I see is exactly what we're made out of, and what is between us. Then I started to have people come to see me.When I do a session, it is kind of a matching process on that area. It is balancing the magnetic waves of the cells, if you will, a kind of balancing the interference. One type of cell divides in a certain way because of your interactions in your environment and how you adapt to them and then there's another major part of your cells which are different. That interference of the information in your body gives the complication. So that is what I'm correcting. You can call it balancing but it is really more of informing, with different information, based on the images that I see. It is precise. When someone asks, it is given and that's how it happens. Life is very precise. There are no what ifs, and there are no coincidences whatsoever. It's very precise. If someone comes to see me, it starts right there. I have to make sure that the mind recognizes it because the body is highly intelligent and the spirit is highly intelligent and they are connected together constantly. Our only developing part is the mind, which separates itself and is resistant to all, and is not trusting. That is where and how the complications which we feel on the physical level arise. My part is to redirect, to reassure, that you are safe in life. Life put you here, created you, it is kind of like a parent and child and you have to trust that you are safe. The only pain we feel is based on how we adapt ourselves to certain environments. Because we have a fear of the unknown, and feel a lack of love, and fall into feelings of loneliness and separation, and are resistant to it, we will feel pain. But if you trust, and use common sense, because the mind is in constant development process, you can develop well and there's not supposed to be pain or suffering.
GS: So anything can be healed.
SA: If your mind is set up right and you put things together. It is kind of like putting puzzles together. It's not like you have to do something, you have to use your common sense and accept whatever comes to you and kind of memorize it but don't attach yourself to it. Put things together, like "Ahhh, that's what it is, that makes sense, that makes sense." The whole of life around us is reflecting all the personalities we have. By reflecting what personalities I have, I personally don't have to go through all the experiences. Someone else will show me the sacrifice, how to do, or how not to do, in life. By watching someone do something, you can put your mind into it. By not judging that person, you can thank them for showing you, by sacrificing for your benefit, so you can avoid anything your reflection showed you and move on with your own life. That's the benefit of life around you.
GS: We did the two sessions in person and then you work late at night. You have people call in when they're done for the day and you work remotely on them. How does that work and is that what you typically do?
SA: There is not a big difference between in person or at a distance. It is a difference in your mind, on your side it may at first seem different. In person you will feel, and your mind will recognize someone is here now, touching and doing something. Then your mind is more easily accepting of it. But at a distance level it is the same, except your mind doesn't understand that deeply. Your mind is thinking that you are somewhere and he is somewhere else, but in reality there is zero time between us. There is no such thing that the energy moves from one side to another side and it should take some time.
GS: At that level there is no time or distance.
SA: There is no time or distance, exactly. Recently, scientists proved that point by extracting DNA from a person and placing it somewhere, three hundred miles away, and then triggering stress feelings in the person. The DNA which was extracted and put at a distance reacted the same as if it was still in his body.When I close my eyes, I see these images in an instant and I become that person. I don't have to interrupt that person, coming close and explaining to him or her their life. I just have to be that person. That gives the boost to the personality. The person is already ready for a change based on his or her environment. The distance is the same, I just become. Whenever you ask, whenever you need that help, I just become. At any moment, I can be in many places at the same time. I have many callers every night, calling from different places throughout the world. I can talk, I can do something else, but at the same time I can be anywhere you need me to be. It is up to you. Whenever you ask, I can be there. I totally trust in my perspective, and my way of living is totally in the present moment. Whenever I am asked, I have the trust, and I am there. The way I move out of my body when I see the galaxies and the universes and put those images together is an experience I would compare to death. I don't take care of my body, it takes care of itself. The body's purpose is to develop the mind as a child in it, so if the child wants to go and wander around, it is free to do so. That's what I do. And body is highly intelligent so it can take care of itself while I am wandering around. There's no fear in that part.
GS: Seldar, I want to say that I rarely personally endorse, but for the record, I have had you work on me and it was effective, so here it is. I want to encourage people to check out Seldar's website, , and you work out of the Antalee Wellness Center & Spa at 1834 Glenview Road in Glenview. The phone number there is 847-486-1130. People come to you first in person and then it's on the phone afterward. We didn't talk about your ethnicity, you're from Azerbaijan, but what you do is not an Azerbaijani thing, it's a Seldar thing.
SA: It's a life thing. Religions and ethnicity or culture is separation and resistance. I am free from that.
GS: Exactly, it's good to let go of all that stuff.
SA: Religion and all of that is just the presentation of God, the idea of God, but it is all still one. In Russian or English or Azerbaijani, you say it's God, it is the same God.
GS: What else would you like to tell our readers?
SA: Relax, accept and expand. That's my wish to everyone. Relax, which we rarely do, and we almost never accept or expand. But if you put right mind into it, if you recognize the magnificence and how precise and how lovely and full of love life is, then you can trust. You can relax and accept everything as it is, not attaching yourself to it, and expand your mind at the same time. When you were a young child, you lived in the moment. Everyone around you was taking care of you and you were the one that didn't care and wanted everything now, and that was living in the present. Then we grow up and everything is on ourselves and that hurts us because we are still children on a universal level. My message is just be a child. Use common sense and don't attach. Enjoy life. Be the joy. Live in the present.

Natural Awakenings Magazine
By: Linda Sechrist
December 2011

“The greatest gift of life is the consciousness that we are all born with. There is no time or space when you become conscious about yourself. Expand it by experiencing it. There’s no positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, you must experience it all.”
~Seldar Atamov

Many of us meditate and integrate spiritual practice into our daily routines for the purpose of our conscious evolution. However, few of us actually see life other than through the lens of duality. Fortunately, people such as Seldar Atamov, see life as undivided, infinite, ever-present, ever-active and something we are all at one with. Seldar explains his perceptions about consciousness evolution at Antalee Wellness Center, in Glenview, and helps others see through the illusions of separateness and perceive reality as wholeness. He shares his life experiences and understanding about how to live in the present moment without resistance to the flow of life.

How does knowing ourselves put us more at ease in the world and expand our consciousness so that we can contribute to the greater good?
Vocabulary words are inadequate when we need to interpret our feelings, ideas and experiences about consciousness. This is why I use metaphors and analogies to deliver the same messages we have all heard before but have yet to deeply understand.
For example, we’ve heard how knowing we are all one and part of the collective consciousness can help to expand consciousness. We’ve also heard how we need to love ourselves. However, the majority of individuals don’t understand these concepts. Human beings don’t know “what” they really are or “what” they are supposed to love and they can’t demand that someone love them when they don’t know what to love in themselves.
To explain the collective consciousness, I compare the whole living environment inside—the body’s internal organs and major systems—to communities of living beings that love unconditionally and depend on you. These beings follow your directives and sacrifice themselves so that you can do whatever you want to experience life. For example, when these beings feel discomfort or disease, you take a pill to numb the feeling. This is the same as abuse and neglect.
If you can see how your inner world reflects your outer world and that you are a “we” that is part of a collective consciousness, then you can see that you can’t demand a government system to have peace, when you don’t have peace within. And, you can’t demand that someone love you when you don’t love yourself and care for yourself as the magnificent being that you are. When you can do this, then peace comes to the communities within and ease is created naturally.
You don’t have to be gifted to view life in this way. The same consciousness is given to everyone. All you need to do is expand your consciousness by knowing and understanding yourself. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to research themselves; they don’t want to know that their behavior is connected to their health problems or their exterior life. Look within, understand yourself, and become aware of the outside word as a reflection. Unease, pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who you are.

North Shore Magazine
May 2010

By: Sherry Thomas

Imagine a small room. Dimly lit. Tranquil. Waist-high table wrapped in cotton. Organic, probably. And there is a voice, so faint it almost disappears. Slip quietly under the blanket, he whispers, but remain fully clothed. Whatever makes you comfortable. Yes. Comfort is key. There will be a faint touch, very faint, just enough to waken the spirit, stimulate the energy. But you will not feel his hands.

You will not be massaged. Or wrapped. Or scrubbed. There are no hot stones, no aromatherapy oils from which to choose. This spa treatment at the Antalee Wellness Center Spa and Café in Glenview falls more in the alternative medicine category. It works on the unspoken, secrets that stretch back generations, realigning energy and memories pressed deep inside your DNA.

“When I closed my eyes, I can see images,” says the soft spoken Seldar, a former home inspector who began his energy healing practice four years ago in conjunction with a local chiropractor. “When I do a session, I can see images more clearly. For example I don’t know if there’s a tumor or not. I don’t see the tumors. I see what causes the tumors.”

Billed as “a revolutionary new approach to healing,” Seldar’s work includes visualizing changes “on the cellular and genetic level” to overcome physical and emotional problems, some of which he believes are passed down through generations of DNA.

The approach is scientific, yet the technique is so far outside the realm of modern medicine it sounds more like a path to wellness?

According to testimonials from Seldar’s North Shore clients, it works. “The spa is good. The massages and facials are nice. But when people meet with this guy, Seldar, they experience  shifts and transformations,” explains Russian immigrant Aneta Arutcheva who opened her Antalee Wellness spa two years ago in downtown Glenview.

“He is a healer. He becomes the client on the table, sees and feel trauma on a DNA level, from this life and past lives. Cells have memories. He rebalances the imbalances so that you can operate from the present, rather than holding on the things from the past."

Miracle Healer Joins Antalee Wellness Spa in Glenview

Glenview, Ill. (Jan. 7, 2010)

His clients describe his results as miracles, the work of a born healer who has succeeded with cures when conventional medicine has failed. Now Seldar has brought his skill to the Antalee Wellness Spa in Glenview, on the second floor at 1834-36 Glenview Road.

For example, Christine, who was in excruciating pain says * I called Seldar after I had suffered for eight months with a broken leg. I had slipped and fractured both my tibia and my fibula. I had surgery the same day to repair the leg, which entailed placing a plate and screws in my tibia. As each month went by, neither bone was showing any signs of healing. After six months a CT-Scan revealed that both bones were still broken with no bone growth. At this point my doctor gave me the option of either having a bone graft surgery to repair the non-union fracture or trying a bone stimulator. I chose the bone stimulator but after a month still did not have any bone growth. I was worried that I would have to have another surgery and I called Seldar. He saw me in his office the following week. When I went into his office I could not bear weight on my leg without pain, after my session, I was able to walk (with one crutch) without pain. I had a total of four sessions with Seldar before my next x-ray, which revealed that my fibula had begun to grow bone and bridge. I had a second CT-Scan which showed both the tibia and the fibula were healing. I am now in physical therapy and can walk short distances without my crutches.

Before seeing Seldar I was in constant pain and unable to focus on anything else. Since my sessions with him I have not been in pain day and night and can enjoy life again. I am now looking forward to going back to work and spending time with family and friends instead of recovering a second surgery.
recounts Christine from Des Plaines, IL.

Nicolle shares the “miracle story that happened in my family.” Her husband’s brother fell from a building under construction and was in the hospital in intensive care for a couple of weeks, unconscious and with broken bones and other physical problems. She called Atamov who asked her a couple of questions over the phone.  “Through my body, he reached my brother-in-law,” Nicolle said, and in a couple of days he came out of his coma and asked his doctors to release him from the hospital so he could reunite with his family. “only my husband and I knew it was Seldar who did this miracle, using his unconditional love for other people.”

Anatoly Gerstein of Palatine says he went to Atamov after being diagnosed with a benign cystic lesion on his pancreas. “I was scheduled for major surgery in two weeks. After my first healing session I felt much better, my mood changed, too, like some light entered my world. I postponed the surgery , hoping to avoid it all. Three weeks later, I had to go through a medical procedure and asked the doctor who insisted on the surgery to check the condition of the lesion. I was very happy to find out it had completely disappeared, and the surgery was not needed anymore.”

“The scientific community is just beginning to identify some of the signaling mechanisms and pathways that are involved in regulating gene expressions, changes in protein level expressions as well as the regulation of signaling molecules,” says Yevgeniya E. Koshman, a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular physiology.

“I truly appreciate the magnificent complexity of human body. To function with such precision, a mammalian cell maintains itself in a state of precise balance which is maintained through a series of positive and negative feedback mechanisms driven by energetically favorable enzymatic reactions. An individual cell has a unique ability to heal itself through complex defense mechanisms, but there is a threshold beyond which the cell is no longer able to recover and the process leads to an onset of a particular disease which ultimately leads to organ failure and death."

“My background and ongoing research enabled me to realize that Sel"dar Atamov has a unique ability to visualize the energetic disbalance and facilitate the healing at the cellular levels. He possesses an incredible ability to visualize and affect the signaling mechanisms which regulate cellular processes.”

Aneta Arutcheva, owner at Antalee Wellness Spa, has learned many healing different modalities and worked with a wide variety of clients presenting different kinds of physical and emotional problems. She said she opened Antalee Wellness Spa to help people who need guidance and is proud to add Atamov to its resources.

“He is a naturally Gifted  Energy Healer,” Arutcheva says. “Many times people have turned to Seldar after their doctors could not find any treatment to help them. He has the special ability to see deep inside of people and become them during the session. He doesn't like to overwhelm people by telling them what he sees; rather he clears up the blockages that caused physical and emotional pain. He explains to clients how the pain was created and how changing their perspective on life will change not only them, but the whole environment around them. What he does is miraculous. It makes amazing changes in people’s lives, from shrinking the tumors to creating harmony in relationships.”