Model of Life



Humanity has entered into a new 11 year cycle. Old ideas and beliefs will no longer serve our beings. This model that I created is a model that is the foundation and idea of how humanity will live and expand their consciousness. I created this model based on my life experience and by observing people and life outside. We come from light, experience the light and go back to the light. This model shows how the light experiences itself.

We go through 6 cycles in our lifetime. The 7TH cycle is enlightenment, or death.  Each cycle consists of 11 years, which affect our hormones. That process matches with sunspots that also change every 11 years. All the processes in the universe happen simultaneously whatever happens on the earth level also matches with the solar system.

The whole idea of coming to life is to experience and expand your consciousness.  It is a journey of light, which in order to experience has to have two opposite charges. It is like day and night, light and dark, two legs and two arms, to balance.  In our reality it was separated as a man and a woman, two opposites.  Because we are not consciously aware of ourselves, we have hormones installed in us to help us navigate through life.  As two people are matched in a relationship, they are usually two emotionally opposite beings. One is high, one is low.

 When a child is born, that child will be predisposed to 60% dominating genes from one parent, and 40% secondary genes from the other parent.  For the first 11 years, the child is part of the family.  They will not have their own personality yet.  In those first 11 years, it would be determined which side is dominating within the child, and which side is secondary.  In the case of divorced parents...(For further explanation refer to the booklet)

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