Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a healing session?

During the session I help you relax and disconnect your mind from your body. Based on preciseness of life, the moment you come to me the healing has already begun. What I do is based on what I see in the moment. I see images of DNA and your cellular composition. When I see the images I connect them to your personality. I don’t take your pain away I help you to change on a personality level. I translate the meaning of pain to your mind and help you to understand what created it. Just to take the pain away without tapping into your mind would be disrespectful to life. This is why I explain it and then life takes care of it. 

What kind of health problems do you heal?

People come to me with a wide range of emotional, mental and physical problems, from minor to terminal. If you wish with all your heart for healing to happen, you are able to heal. Also, improvements will be seen in many areas of your life, not only in your health. 

What is distance healing?

Healing may be performed either in the presence of the patient or at great distances which may separate the patient and a healer. I can perform multiple healing sessions at the same time.  This demonstrates my idea of oneness.  During distance healing session I mentally hold the patient in my thoughts while entering the healing state of consciousness. In this domain all the perceived boundaries of separation between people dissolve. 

Will I be healed instantly?

 The amount of time it takes to heal depends on your ability to change on the mind level. But you will feel improvements right after the first session.  

Do I have to believe in God or practice any religion?

 Healing energy does not discriminate based on your beliefs. Just keep an open mind and be ready to accept the healing.