Seldar Explains Disease


If you have certain issues on the physical level that are passed from generation to generation, it means that the dominating personality is passed through each generation.  We have to be aware of that personality in order to adapt differently and prevent future generations from having the same issue.

 Our attitude towards life, and certain situations in life, that we process with a lot of negative emotions, copies itself inside and we feel pain on the physical level. When we process our emotions, it is so deep that we don’t even recognize it. In some cases it takes years to become aware. We are so used to pretending and faking to be someone that we are in reality, not. Then the fakeness comes out as pain. It is trying to communicate with you.  We just need to be aware of what that pain means.

 *Cancer is the highest level of stubborn behavior. Cancer can occur in any being, any cell can turn itself into cancer.  If you repeat the same emotional behavior over and over again, stubbornly, cells in the body repeat the same pattern; which we call cancer. We treat cancer as a disease.  We need to change our behavior, not just shut down the pain.