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Seldar’s Message to You:

“Greatest gift of life is the consciousness that we are all born with. There is no time or space when you become conscious about yourself. Expand it by experiencing it. There's no positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, you must experience it all."

"Relax:  Live in the Present

 Accept:  Recognize Who You Are

Expand:  Make a Choice"

"When you live in the present you relax.

When you recognize who you are you accept.

When you make a choice you expand."

"I see what connects us.  I recognize you as a part of me and my mission is to help you to be conscious of who you are.  We are one, as a solid piece - that is what we're not comprehending. When you know that, you won't feel separation and resistance."

"I help you realize who you are and direct your attention to yourself and all the situations and triggers that were created based on who you are. If you fail to recognize who you are and take things personally, then you will feel it on a physical level."

"You can't give something without experience, in order to give love you must experience it first." 


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